Episode VII\’s Production Name May Be \’AVCO\’


ep7630Most movies, especially Star Wars movies, use fake names while filming. One big reason is to avoid people knowing the movie is filming on location, so when people saw Freezer Burn being filmed they wouldn’t know right away that it was Captain America. Everyone knows about Blue Harvest and the other Star Wars production names, and now the one being used for Episode VII may have leaked out.

Bleeding Cool has found that they may be using the name “AVCO”, and there is a Lucasfilm and JJ Abrams connection with it:

named after the Los Angeles cinema that showed a certain film back in 1977. They were one of only four cinemas who fitted Lucasfilm’s THX sound system for the film. And it was the cinema that the young JJ Abrams first saw the movie.

They even found proof of someone at Lucasfilm working on “AVCO” via a LinkedIn profile:

Based on that profile, there definitely is something being worked on at Lucasfilm under the name AVCO, and there is a Star Wars connection to it…