Star Wars Episode VII is NOT Looking for \”Salty Sea Dog\” Extras – It\’s an Ebook Scam


Want to be in Star Wars Episode VII? Then don't buy this guy's ebook.

Want to be in Star Wars Episode VII? Then don’t buy this guy’s ebook.

This weekend a lot of big film blogs an social media accounts are buzzing over a purposed casting call that is looking for “Salty Sea Dog” extras for Star Wars Episode VII. The biggest site to report on this, so far, is Collider. However the issue with this casting call is that it’s not real and is a resurfaced scam to sell ebooks.

This same person created a site that listed casting call information last year, but asked people to buy his ebook with tips on how to be cast in Episode VII. Lucasfilm quickly said the casting call was fake, as they jump on money-making scams like this quickly as people see “Star Wars” and will fall for the fraud.

The original URL the guy had was this:

If you click on that, it’ll redirect you to his new site with the “Salty Sea Dogs” casting call…which is again trying to sell people ebooks.

The Jedi Council Forums had a thread about the original fraud last year, which you can read here.

So again, this “Salty Sea Dogs” casting call is another fake from the same person who tried to use Episode VII to sell ebooks to gullible people online.

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