Why \’The Order of the Jedi\’ is NOT the Episode VII Title…


This is not the title you're looking for.

This is not the title you’re looking for.

Almost immediately following the casting announcements for Episode VII, some site had to think they were special and make up a fake “official” title.

That site was MoviePilot.com who claims that the “official” title of Star Wars Episode VII is “The Order of the Jedi”. Of course, they claim this without any official source and naturally Lucafilm has not announced the title on StarWars.com at all. That right there should tell you why it’s not “official”. Nothing is official until it’s announced by Lucasfilm

Another reason why it’s completely fake as it’s almost the exact same title as Return of the Jedi. Only someone who has never seen the original Star Wars trilogy would name the seventh movie the same thing as the sixth. But, Star Wars rumors (even if completely made up and fake) get hits so that’s why sites waste time making an “official” photoshop logo for their BS title.

The real title of Episode VII won’t be announced for a while, although rumors say it’ll be at San Diego Comic Con in July.

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