Thor Has a Sister…and it\’s Angela!


the-tenth-realmThis past week Marvel kicked off their summer event crossover titled “Original Sin”. The key event in this story is that someone kills a Watcher and scoops out his eyeballs. While that mystery is the catalyst for the big story, there will be another major revelation in the course of the multi-part event.

According to Marvel’s Original Sin panel at C2E2 today in Chicago, the origins of Angela in the Marvel Universe will be explained. It turns out that Odin had a daughter, which makes Angela the sister of Thor and Loki. She’ll also be from a 10th realm.

While this is obviously a big shock to most people, it does finally explain how Angela fits into the Marvel Universe. She was originally a Spawn character, created by Neil Gaiman, who brought the character to Marvel after winning a long lawsuit over the rights to the character. Since then, Angela has been a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy comic.

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