The Star Wars Episode VII Executive Breakfast is Happening NOW!


"Star Wars" written in chocolate on the plates. Pretty fancy.

“Star Wars” written in chocolate on the plates. Pretty fancy.

Many people doubted it was real. Lucasfilm denied it was even happening. But this morning photographic evidence has arrived proving the executive breakfast that is to be attended by Disney brass, George Lucas, and key members of the original trilogy cast is in fact taking place.

MakingStarWars.Net received photos from their source proving the breakfast took place this morning:

The breakfast is important and most likely is to celebrate something related to the development of Star Wars: Episode VII. Our sources believe this to be the case, but they do not know for sure. We personally would find it weird if George Lucas and some of the original trilogy cast showed up to an announcement about theme park development or something to do with products and toys. Feel free to disagree with us.

Troopers wait for the guests to arrive.

Troopers await the guests to arrive.

Very early in the morning for us west coasters, we received these images before the breakfast was to begin. If you still do not believe the breakfast is taking place, I don’t know how we can convince you. There are other parts to this story I can never post without endangering our sources. I am not going to do that. At this juncture, this is what we can show you.

For more photos from the event, check out MakingStarWars.Net.

What happened at the breakfast? That’s not known yet because as of this writing it’s still taking place. As news comes out over the day we’ll keep you posted.

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