On the Subject of Game of Thrones Spoilers…


game of thronesSeason four of HBO’s Game of Thrones is well underway, with the third episode of the season airing last week. Covering the second half of the third book, A Storm of Swords, naturally a lot of shocking things are taking place in the season even at this early point. And things are going to get even more shocking as the season goes on, if they continue to adhere to how book three plays out. The end of that book is the perfect season-ending “OMG” moment that will rival the Red Wedding, if they decide to do it.

And that’s the point of this post.

I’m starting to become really annoyed with the people who are throwing epic hissy fits over reading a Tweet or Facebook post that spoils the latest episode, and then proceeding to brag about blocking/unfriending the offending person as if they ruined their life. If you are so terrified about having Game of Thrones spoiled for you by social media, just read the books.

The novels won’t spoil the show for you. In fact, they’ll make it better. You’ll be excited to see the major events in the story play out in the series, and the show is already doing some things differently than Martin did in the books as it’s been necessary to alter some characters and story lines for the show format.

With so many ways to read the books these days, it shouldn’t take most people long to get caught up with the show (as the first two are quick reads if you’ve already been watching). And once you’ve read them you’ll have an idea of what the series is headed. But most importantly, when you read a Tweet or status update about the latest episode you won’t go on an epic rage fit over being spoiled.

So please, read the books.

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