Amazing Spider-Man 2 Producer Calls Spidey in Avengers a \’Stunt\’


spider-man-avengersI may be in the minority when I say I could care less if I ever see Spider-Man in an Avengers movie. Why? Because I actually read both the Spidey and Avengers books on a monthly basis, and honestly Spider-Man is a crappy member of the team.

He really doesn’t fit in with any of the other characters in the roster, and he always quits or bails the team whenever the latest major crossover ends. Spidey is nothing more than a way for Marvel to sell Avengers books to people who normally wouldn’t buy them whenever something big happens in the Marvel Universe. He’s not a “regular” member of the rotating Avengers team, he just has an Avengers ID card he uses when he feels like it.

Nonetheless there’s a huge segment of the general public and internet who believes that Spider-Man must be in Avengers, and his absence from the first movie left many wondering why that was. The reason is because Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man, and they’ll never give them up. In fact they want to keep Spider-Man a “Sony” character so badly, they’re hastily throwing together a big “shared universe” around the Amazing Spider-Man movies that includes a Venom and Sinister Six film in addition to the normal sequels.

Sony has Spider-Man where they want him so securely, their arrogance is now dismissing the idea of Spider-Man showing up in an Avengers movie as nothing more than a “stunt”.

Co-producer Matt Tolmach explained so to IGN:

“You know Avi always refers to that question as a stunt,” he says. “If you were to do that, you know, Spider-Man in the Avengers is a stunt. And I get why everybody – you know, fans and audience members and movie goers – I understand it.”

And the arrogance gets even worse with this quote:

“Stunts can be cool but it’s also a business, and so the other side of the answer is they’re owned by different companies. And there’s a ton left in Sony’s world; there’s a lot of business left because there’s a lot of story left. So for them to want to take this character and put it with Marvel and Disney is a huge undertaking and probably, as Avi’s saying, isn’t necessary until you feel like, ‘Wow, we’re sort of out of ideas. What should we do?’ And we’re far from out of ideas.”

As many people know, Sony’s film division isn’t having the best of times financially right now and everything is riding on Spider-Man. If we’re lucky, the film division will eventually go away and the Spider-Man rights could then revert to Marvel. You know, someone who respects the character beyond calling his use in a movie a “stunt”.

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