Flash Gordon Will See a Dark and Gritty Reboot


flash-gordon-posterAnother 80s classic is seeing the dark, gritty, and serious reboot. This time it’s Flash Gordon and again we’re hearing how they’re going to go back to the “source material” to make a more grounded and realistic take on the character. The SciFi Channel tried that back in 2007 and it flopped, because Flash Gordon isn’t supposed to be dark and serious. It’s the lighthearted serial that inspired George Lucas to create Star Wars, not the dark and gritty Battlestar Galactica.

According to Film Divider the writers of Star Trek 3 are working on a more serious version of Flash Gordon:

Like Eisner’s approach, Payne and McKay’s new pitch goes right back to the original Raymond comic strips and sidesteps any association with the movie, and even the serials. The idea, I’m told, is to reclaim Flash Gordon from his current reputation in the way that Tim Burton redirected the public conception of Batman.

As crappy as the reboot will probably be, it’ll be even worse without Queen:

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