10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Easter Eggs & Connections



Perhaps the best thing about the Marvel Studios-produced movies and television shows is that they’re all connected. Just like in the comics, the movies and television shows that Marvel itself produces exist in a shared universe. Of course that resulted in The Avengers and upcoming series such as The Defenders, but even before the big heroes joined forces there have been links and hints to other heroes in all of the Marvel movies.

Here are ten of the best easter eggs and connections among the Marvel Studios movies…

The Infinity Stones


If you’re a longtime comic fan who sat through the credits of Thor: The Dark World, you probably geekgasmed in your seat when it was revealed that the Tesseract and Aether are two of the “Infinity Stones”. Just naming those, and the Collector saying “One down, five to go” should get comic fans extremely excited about where Marvel is taking this cinematic universe. Even with Silver Surfer being held hostage by Fox, they can still pull off an awesome Infinity Gauntlet storyline in Avengers 3. Especially if those Adam Warlock rumors surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy are true…

Adam Warlock


A key member in the Infinity Gauntlet story makes an appearance of sorts in the Thor: The Dark World credits sequence. The cocoon in the case that you see at the beginning of the scene is actually Adam Warlock in suspended animation. It’s an Easter Egg only hardcore fans will spot, but if they show him here it’s possible he’ll play a part in a movie before the third Avengers.

Wakanda in Iron Man 2


At the end of Iron Man 2, in addition to Tony viewing video of the Hulk’s college attack in The Incredible Hulk there’s a map on the back wall. There are certain areas circled on the map and one is right in Africa. This is most likely Wakanda, the fictional African nation that Black Panther is king of. While the ocean circle makes some people think that could be a reference to Namor, as Universal owns that character we likely won’t see him in the MCU anytime soon.

Infinity Gauntlet in Odin’s Treasure Vault


The Thor sequel wasn’t the first reference to the Infinity Gauntlet storyline in the MCU. In the first movie when the Frost Giants raid Odin’s Treasure Vault, you can see the Infinity Gauntlet in the background right before the Destroyer vaporizes them. With the Tesseract and the Gauntlet in the vault, that means at some point Thanos will need to make a trip to Asgard…

Huginn and Muninn in Avengers


Comic fans know about Odin’s ravens, and they showed up in both the original Thor and its sequel. But they were also in Avengers. When Thor catches up with Loki, you can see both ravens on a rock watching over Odin’s sons.