Rumor: Star Wars Coming to Disney Infinity in Holiday 2015?


Star Wars Disney InfinityYesterday, the Star Wars community erupted in rumors of a Christmas 2015 release of Episode VII based on the tweet from a Disney merchandising executive from the Netherlands who attended a meeting in Paris. This person has since retracted and deleted his tweets and has told everyone that he was just guessing on the release date via a new Tweet.

What he said was true, from a certain point of view.

It is very likely he saw marketing plans for a big end of 2015 Episode VII push. Disney has billions wrapped up in a major Star Wars attack on 2015, such as all of the assorted tie-ins such as Hasbros toys that summer. Holiday 2015 would bring the new toys, and more…

The “more” part of this is video games.

There are several rumors floating around regarding what Disney plans for Star Wars games to tie into Episode VII. We already know that EA DICE is working on Battlefront, which will arrive either in 2015 or 2016, but the gaming plans don’t end there. Aside from rumors of an Episode VII tie-in game for mobile devices and possibly consoles, there are still whispers of a re-tooled 1313. However, the biggest rumor is the one that is the most likely to happen.

Everyone is aware by now that Disney Infinity was a huge smash hit for Disney, and it’s looking very good heading into the busy Christmas buying season this year. The game was a risk, and if it didn’t succeed and people didn’t snatch up the toys, Disney would likely focus on just mobile games. But Infinity is a huge money maker now, and you’d better believe that Disney is looking to leverage all of their characters to show up in the game and in toy form.

Marvel is heavily rumored to show up, but the cool rumor is that there are tentative plans for a big Star Wars tie-in with Infinity complete with Episode VII and Rebels figures and playsets on store shelves in time for Holiday 2015 so they can sit on the shelf right next to the Rebels Blu-Rays.

Star Wars in Infinity would be a license to print money, so this wouldn’t be too surprising if it ended up happening two years from now…