JJ Abrams Defends the Star Wars Prequels


jj-abrams-star-wars-prequelsThere’s a new article making its rounds where JJ Abrams acknowledges that stupid “Dear JJ Abrams” marketing video in a way, but he also goes on to defend the Prequels. The way he’s defended the Prequels is the same excuse I, and many others, have been using in that the kids who grew up with the Prequels love them just as much as we loved the Original Trilogy.

The Telegraph has the quotes, which is from an interview in The Times, and Abrams makes it clear that he doesn’t want to alienate fans of the Prequels with the new movies:

Abrams is eager not to criticise the more recent movies and suggests that he may need to tread a careful line not to alienate fans of the originals and the younger fans of the prequels.

He said: “A lot of kids who saw all the prequels when they were young really do identify with those movies as much as my generation identified with the originals.”

There were rumors that Michael Arndt’s Episode VII script was loved by hardcore Prequel haters as it was a “Prequel apology tour”. If that really was the case, it’d make sense for Abrams to ditch that script to not offend Prequel fans.