5 Honest Truths About the San Diego Comic Con



This weekend the annual San Diego Comic Con is underway. Over the last decade or so, the convention has become one of the most well-known cons in the world with tickets for each year selling out within minutes of their availability. Those who never have attended the con may have some rosy ideas of what it’s actually like, which is why it’s time for some honest truths about the San Diego Comic Con:

Most of Your Time is Spent in Line


Whether it’s to get into one of the big panels, get an autograph, or purchase one of the many convention exclusives; most of your time at the con will be spent standing in endless lines. This is something to seriously consider, especially factoring the cost of the ticket. Some lines can take hours to cycle though, so you need to think if you really want to spend half the way waiting for an action figure.

You May Not See That Panel You Want


This is something that has really become an issue in the last few years thanks in part to Twilight fans ruining Hall H forever by causing people to need to camp out overnight to see panels. Unless you’re willing to sleep on a sidewalk and wait anywhere for 24 to 48 hours, you may not see that big movie panel in Hall H. At the this year’s convention, some people waited all day outside in line for Hall H…and never got in to see a single panel. SDCC can easily fix this problem by banning overnight camp outs like the NYCC has done, but they don’t seem to care about the guest experience at all as the media attention is more important to them.

Making a Schedule? LOL!


Comic Con releases the panel schedules in advance of the con, and most people try to make a personal schedule of what they plan to see. This is folly. In reality, you’re not going to be able to hold to any schedule unless all of your panels are in the same room, such as Hall H on Saturday. When you factor in how long it takes to get out of a panel, fight the zombie horde to run all the way to the other side of the convention center where your next panel is, and then realize that the line for that next panel ends at the bottom of the ocean thanks to people camping out overnight; your schedule is worth shit.

The Exhibit Hall is the 9th Circle of Hell


While it’s not so bad on Preview Night or Thursday, and even Friday, come Saturday the exhibit hall is best avoided. On Saturday, there are times you won’t be able to walk anywhere in the hall. Not because of a line, but because of the sheer number of people crowding into the hall. People will stop in the middle of walk ways to take pictures of porn stars cosplaying as DC characters, or be distracted by some flashing light or something; and you’ll be stuck in a sea of people. If the Fire Marshal knew how many people they cram into that place they’d shut it down, but since the Con brings so much money to San Diego they look the other way for one weekend a year.

The Smell


SDCC, and many cons like it, are known for a very special fragrance that hovers over the entirety of the con. A special mix of BO and something else, most people refer to the smell as “Con Funk”. After a week of sleeping on the sidewalk without showers, the smell of the San Diego Comic Con on Sunday could probably be considered a biological weapon terrorist attack. It’s probably unhealthy and toxic, but it’s just one of the dangers you have to brave if you want to attend the San Diego Comic Con.