Why You Shouldn\’t Buy Modern Warfare 3 on PC


Do you like playing first person shooters on the PC? If so, stay far away from Modern Warfare 3. Activision’s yearly installment of the popular franchise has arrived with a marketing blitz that’s hard to ignore. Even Mountain Dew cans are giving away double XP for the multiplayer mode…on consoles. Idiots are calling in bomb threats because Best Buy sold out of the game. And the game sold 6.5 million copies in its first day.

But despite all that, the PC version is completely unplayable in the only mode that matters; multiplayer. The reasoning for this most likely goes back to the hacking the plagued Modern Warfare 2. Not too long ago, hacking became such a problem on that game that when a player would connect to a server running certain hacks; their entire progression would be wiped back to level 1 and Infinity Ward could do nothing about it. Obviously this royally pissed off everyone it happened to as it wasn’t their fault. There was no way to know if you were connecting to a hacker.

When Modern Warfare 3 was revealed, it was announced that some chimpanzee with a C++ for Dummies book made the brilliant decision to only allow ranked games on the PC to be played Peer to Peer. That means dedicated servers cannot host ranked games. Whoever made this decision should be shot.

Since ranked games only take place in the game’s Peer to Peer matching mode; they’re plagued with hackers. Minutes after the game unlocking on Steam (it’s a Steamworks game), there were full Prestige level 80 players running around maps with perfect aim thanks to their hacks. Since you cannot rank up on a dedicated server, you’re stuck playing against cheaters. Nearly every single multiplayer game I’ve logged into has had at least one hacker, if not more.

Obviously as Activision, Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer Games are more interested in selling the console version and begging for good reviews on Metacritic; I doubt the PC version will ever be fixed. The Modern Warfare 2 problem was really never fixed on the PC either.

No, if you want an awesome military FPS on the PC with great multiplayer; Battlefield 3 is out. That game has better multiplayer than Modern Warfare 3, dedicated servers with ranking, and is made by a developer and publisher who doesn’t take a crap on PC gamers.