NCSoft Reveals Lineage Eternal


Back in the pre-WoW MMO times, Lineage held the crown as one of the most played games in the world. After EQ hit it big with 3D, NCSoft made a Lineage II that went away from the top-down 2D graphics of the original for a more familiar 3D environment. Now that a large group of the original Lineage II developers have gone on to make Tera; NCSoft is returning to the top-down Diablo style gameplay from the original.

They’re calling the new game Lineage Eternal, and it looks better than Diablo III. The video they released shows off a Paladin, Caster, and Hunter class fighting off hordes of enemies. It features gesture commands, environment interaction, and more varied styles of gameplay to differentiate itself from the clickfest that these style of games can easily become. The graphics are obviously early and un-optimized with the framerate drops that can be seen at times, but even at this early stage it’s looking impressive.

No real release date is set, but this is one to keep an eye on if you aren’t too sold on Diablo III.