1.1 Million Players Flee WoW


Has World of Warcraft finally begun that downhill descent that all large MMOs do? It probably has finally hit critical mass and has seriously started to bleed players as today Blizzard announced that their global subscriber numbers have dropped from 11.4 million to 10.3 million. Blizzard did stress that most of these lost subscriptions have come from the Asian market, and not North America; so people who will point to The Old Republic for this drop will be wrong.

Still, it happens to every big MMO. EverQuest was once the biggest MMO on the market, and although it only maxxed out at about 500,000 players; it was king of the hill for nearly five years. WoW is going to celebrate its seventh anniversary at the end of this month, so it went for two years longer than EQ before beginning a big decline in subscriber numbers. And even then, 10.3 million players is a number that all other MMOs can only dream of reaching.