Sideshow Bringing Darth Malgus to Life


If you’re picking up the Collector’s Edition of The Old Republic, you’ll receive a small statue of Darth Malgus made by Gentle Giant. Unfortunately, Gentle Giant’s creations have been pretty poor over the last few years after one of their best sculptures bailed for greener pastures. Thankfully, if you want a good representation of Malgus in your home; Sideshow is going to give you that option…you’ll just need a lot of space and even more money.

Sideshow has released a preview of a new life-sized statue of Darth Malgus that they’ll be producing. No release date or price is known yet, but judging from previous life-sized figures that they’ve made; consider $5,000 to be the absolute minimum price it’ll go for, and it may even cost more than that. The life-sized Han Solo in Carbonite is expected to sell for $5k, so this may go for a bit more.