Grand Theft Auto V Returns to Southern California


Last console generation saw three Grand Theft Autos. GTAIII was set in Liberty City (New York), and it’s spinoffs visited Miami (Vice City) and San Andreas (California and a little Nevada). It looks like history is repeating itself as after GTAIV was once again set in Liberty City, GTAV is again being set in Southern California.

Where Team Bondi did an amazing job recreating 1940’s Los Angeles in LA Noire, Rockstar North looks to outdo that by recreating the modern day Los Angeles area with the fifth GTA game. The trailer Rockstar released shows off some key landmarks including downtown LA’s skyscrapers, the 5 freeway, Venice Beach, and Hollywood (known as Vinewood in the GTA universe). As with LA Noire before it, the game looks to be doing a very impressive job recreating the city in digital form.

GTAV may not be out for another year, but it’ll sure be worth the wait. Check out the trailer below.