Why Terra Nova Sucks


That man is the reason why the awesome concept of humans living in the Dinosaur era has been turned into one of the most disappointing science fiction shows in recent memory. How can you mess up a series that should give you the opportunity to have Dinos chasing and eating humans on a weekly basis? By having it come from the mind of one of most insipid writers to ever plague television scifi. A failure in every sense of the word, who somehow manages to still get work creating horrible failures of shows. It’s Brannon Braga.

Back in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s heyday there were two young writers on the show. Ronald Moore wrote some of the best episodes of the series and was pretty much responsible for Worf’s entire character arc with the Klingons. Brannon Braga was responsible for some of the worst episodes of the series. In the final two seasons his episodes could easily be spotted. Whenever someone was having nightmares, a psychological breakdown, or de-evolving…it was his fault. He’s also responsible for the single worst episode of Star Trek ever created, Threshold. This is the late Voyager episode where Tom Paris breaks the Warp 10 barrier and he and Janeway end up super evolving into little salamander things and have salamander babies. It’s kind of funny that Braga would use that title for a failed science fiction series a couple years later.

Somewhere along the line he made a deal with the devil to have some measure of success and ended up basically co-running the Trek franchise with Rick Berman. When Manny Coto came onto Enterprise in the final two seasons and actually turned the series around (season 4 was awesome!), Braga and Berman couldn’t stand being shown how big of a failure their stewardship of Trek was; so they killed the television franchise with “These Are the Voyages…” Their series finale of Enterprise was so insulting, even the cast doesn’t recognize it as the true end.

So if you’re wondering why Terra Nova sucks, you don’t have to look any further than Brannon Braga. Hopefully once this super expensive show is cancelled by Fox, he won’t be given another chance to ruin another series.