The Old Republic Reveals Voidstar


Despite the threat of free Diablo III and Kung Fu wielding Pandas, The Old Republic is speeding towards release in December. That means that BioWare is continuing to reveal new content for the game in an attempt to convince people that they’ll have enough to do in the game to play past the first free month. Because they know that if people run out of things to do before they have to start paying, EA will have another Warhammer Online situation on their hands and Blizzard will have a flood of new Panda Monks.

The latest TOR content reveal is for a new PVP Warzone titled Voidstar. It’s described as an assault style PVP match that’s set on a derelict Sith vessel containing plans for a superweapon (could it be a planet killer moon called a Voidstar?!?) where the Sith have to defend the ship and the Republic is trying to capture the data held within it. It sounds a lot like the Rush game mode in Battlefield. Here’s the trailer: