Batman Won\’t Occupy Wall Street, But He\’ll Be There


Warner Brothers has officially denied that The Dark Knight Rises would be using the Occupy Wall Street protests as background for scenes while filming in New York. But Batman will be on Wall Street, and the rumors say that it’ll be an epic battle. The Magnus Rex production has just moved into New York to do some filming, and Nolan fans know that’s the secret title for The Dark Knight Rises. On Location Vacations has details of what is apparently being filmed there:

There are expected to be more than 1000 extras used in the scene which will be set in a Gotham that has been taken over by Bane. After months of chaos the cops return and the “good guys” battle it out with the “bad guys” for the streets of Gotham. Tom Hardy and Christian Bale are both expected to be there in full costumes as Bane and Batman. Its also rumored that they will begin rehearsing for the shoot in a couple day at Riis Park.

If that is true, and Bane really does control Gotham for months in the movie; that must mean that Batman is taken out somehow. All signs are pointing to a Knightfall before The Dark Knight Rises.