Star Trek 2 Won\’t be Star Trek 2


We don’t have an actual title yet, but we know what JJ Abrams’ Star Trek sequel won’t be called. Access Hollywood has a small interview with Zoe Saldana about the upcoming sequel, and as part of it they reveal that a source claims that it won’t be titled “Star Trek 2”. That makes a lot of sense, as having two different movies both with “Star Trek 2” in the title would cause confusion.

So this likely means that they will just continue the numberless naming system they began with Star Trek: Generations, so don’t expect to see it be called Star Trek XII; as that would also confuse people and make some think that it’s part of the older series. Hopefully we’ll find out more about the movie as it begins filming, even though Abrams is notoriously secretive with his movies.

Shatner as Harry Mudd!