Mark Hamill Retires from The Joker…Almost


Ever since Arkham City was announced, Batman fans have known that it was likely to be Mark Hamill’s final performance as The Joker. Nolan fanboys can hug photos of Heath Ledger as much as they want, and while Nicholson’s Joker was perfectly crazy; most fans will agree that Mark Hamill has made the absolutely perfect Joker in his years voicing the Clown Prince of Crime. Hamill made his retirement semi-official via his twitter account:

Hello/Goodbye Joker! I’ve enjoyed every minute behind the wheel of the Crown Prince’s crazy car- I’m going to miss him more than I can say!!

But what if they made an animated Killing Joke? A fan posed that question to Hamill, and he said he’d come back for that:

I’d come back for THAT! Spread the word! Campaign for #TheKillingJoke!!

So if you want to see Mark Hamill do the Joker in the best Joker story ever written, spam DC’s twitter account with the demand for an animated version!