PlayStation VITA Hits US on February 22nd


While a December release in Japan has been known for a while, and gamers over there lined up over the weekend to pre-order, Sony has just now announced the release date for the PS VITA in the US. You can pick up the PSP successor on February 22nd for $249 for the WiFi only model, or $299 for the version that includes both WiFi and 3G. In the US, AT&T will be the provider for the 3G service; so if you have a problem with them you may want to consider the WiFi only model as there’s no other option for 3G.

Sony didn’t announce what the launch titles would be, aside from just running off a list of some of the big games in development. It’s likely Uncharted will make it, and as Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom will already be out on consoles; it’s likely Capcom will try to repeat the 3DS Street Fighter IV launch success on the VITA. It’s also pretty smart for them to release the system in February and away from the crowded holiday season, although the 3DS was released early in the year as well, and we all know how that turned out.

Can another $250/$300 handheld game console survive in this economy and world of smartphone gaming?