Jor-El\’s Costume is Better Than Catwoman\’s


The Man of Steel’s costume choices are definitely controversial. Clueless internet blowhards who don’t actually read comic books are still complaining about the lack of red briefs on Supe’s costume. I’d really hate to see the brain anuerism they’ll have if they ever actually go in a comic book shop and look at a recent issue of Superman. After that costume reveal, and the laughable attempt at Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, hope that the Nolan gang would put out a decent Superman started to dissipate.

And then we saw Jor-El. And I like it.

They’re obviously going far away from the Donner Kryptonian designs; and the initial look at Jor-El’s costume, and the detail on it, leads one to think Krypton may have a high fantasy mixed with sci-fi look to it. You can also see elements of the Superman costume (beyond the S-shield obviously) in the pure Krypton costume Jor-El is wearing.

Too bad we’ll have to wait until June 2013 to see it. Although as they’re filming now, a teaser on Batman next summer wouldn’t be out of the question.