Beta Weekends Return to The Old Republic


After cancelling Beta Weekends after the first took place, The Old Republic took the first of what would be multiple PR hits last month. Today BioWare announced that Beta Weekends will resume again this weekend, starting on October 7th and running through the 10th:

Beta Testing Weekends for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ began earlier this month and during our first weekend, we invited more players into testing than we’ve ever invited before in a single weekend! Now we’re getting ready for another Beta Testing Weekend, starting on October 7th and finishing on October 10th. With increased invite numbers from the first weekend, even more of you will get to play The Old Republic.

BioWare previously said that they were waiting for a new build prior to restarting the beta weekends, so everything must be set to kick off the weekly beta tests that will lead right into the launch of the game on December 20th.