DC\’s Graphic Novels Go Kindle Fire Exclusive


When Amazon announced their 7″ Android tablet this week, people immediately started to speculate if it would be an iPad killer. For less than half the price of an iPad, you can get your hands on an Android-powered tablet that will run all of the games, movies, music, and books you can on the Apple tablet; and now it’s getting exclusive content from DC Comics.

Part of the New 52 initiative was day-and-date digital releases of the comics, well on the Kindle Fire you’ll be able to download those in addition to DC’s famous graphic novels. Books such as Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, Superman: Earth One, and V For Vendetta will be available, and are already up for pre-order in the Kindle store. At first, 100 graphic novels will be released; with more coming in the future.

That $200 tablet is sure looking more and more tempting every day…