The Ender\’s Game Movie is Casting!


After years of false starts, I’ve become accustomed to not getting excited about every bit of Ender’s Game movie news. But when there is a director attached to the movie, and casting calls go out…I think I can start to get a little hyped.

i09 has the full rundown on the ten characters being cast based on the script pages with the casting call. And based on their synopsis, I’m not terribly scared for the movie. In fact, it sounds about as true to the book as you can make what will obviously be a PG-13 (at most) movie.

Ender is a bit older than in the book, but he’s not a teenager. Most of the major characters seem to be represented, although they do seem to skip a whole bunch of Peter’s character development as he’s immediately the full-on psycho as opposed to the slow development to psycho that was in the book.

Still, it sounds promising. The only drawback is the director of Wolverine helming it. But in the end I’ll be happy to just see Ender’s Game on the big screen.