2012: The Year of The Next Generation


After Tuesday evening’s leak of the Next Generation Blu-Ray boxed set, Paramount did officially announce the project and the whole thing will hit in 2012 for the show’s 25th anniversary. And coming from this hardcore TNG fan, I can’t wait for January to hit. Star Trek: The Next Generation is my favorite show of all time, and the original DVD sets are permanent fixtures on my shelf; so celebrating the show’s 25th anniversary with the HD release couldn’t be a better way to do it.

StarTrek.com has the full details, there’s a teaser trailer out (below), and the news is all good. In addition to all 178 episodes being transferred from the original O-Neg, all of the original special effects have been recomposited. So instead of that ILM model of the Enterprise in the pilot episode being replaced with a CGI version, the original model will be there in full 1080p glory. The DVDs produced some impressive 5.1 sound (such as the hum of the Enterprise engines in the rear channels, and the Blu-Rays will come with DTS 7.1 audio.

They also confirmed that the sampler disc will release on January 31st for about $22. It’ll include Encounter at Farpoint, The Inner Light, and Sins of the Father. If you want to see a recomposited shot of the Enterprise, check out the trailer below.