The Old Republic Gains Achievements


If you play World of Warcraft you probably know at least one achievement whore. You know the type. They obsess over the smallest things in the game, just to gain an achievement that adds to a rather useless tally of points. Ever since the Xbox 360 introduced achievements to the gaming masses, everyone wants them. The PS3 has them, Steam has them, WoW has them, Rift has them, and now The Old Republic will have them at launch.

At the recent Eurogamer Expo, BioWare confirmed that a “Version 1” of achievements will make it into the game by the time it ships. TOR fansite Darth Hater was there and has the whole transcript of the Meet & Greet where the news was dropped:

DE: Not correct. Achievements have made ship in fact. They’re not going to be the achievements, the crazy achievements that you have to place everywhere, that are like, “Hey if you drink 6 beers and fart in a cantina,” those are not going the achievements to go in. Version 1 of the achievement system which go in, which is actually doing big, heroic stuff, because there’s a ton of great optional content in The Old Republic, like, “Hey, I went to every world and kicked the world boss’s ass.” Those kinds of achievements. That’s going to be the level one system. People need reasons to go back to planets and run around and do that other stuff, so that will come second. The first system is, “Hey, here’s my bragging rights, here’s the bad ass stuff I did in-game.”

Well, that’s one more thing to check off on the list of things we really want to see in TOR.