Not Shocking At All: Marvel Now Rebooting


After DC relaunched their entire lineup with an amazingly successful “New 52”, everyone was wondering how long it’ll take Marvel to follow suit. The funny thing about Marvel caving in and rebooting like they’re about to do is that they wasted no time taking digs at DC over their massive reboot. In addition to running a promotion for shops to destroy issues of Flashpoint, one Marvel exec was even quoted as comparing DC Comics to Charlie Sheen.

The Marvel reboot will kick off in November with a special 64-page one-shot called Point One. Not to be confused with DC’s Flashpoint, the issue will serve as a jumping off point for all of the Marvel Universe. It just so happens that November is the same month that Marvel is relaunching many of their major comics including Uncanny X-Men and the return of Fantastic Four. The Incredible Hulk relaunches a month earlier in October.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Marvel relaunch is as successful as the DC New 52, or if fans will see it as them just trying to grasp for some of the success that DC had with their reboot. Either way, Marvel is eating a big plate of crow right now.