The Today Show Questions Star Wars\’ Longevity


Here’s a “derp” bigger than a Death Star explosion. In what must have been a filler article on a very slow news day, a Today Show contributor decided to re-watch Star Wars to see if he enjoyed it as much as he did when he was six. He admits that he hasn’t watched the movie all the way through in a decade, but in the end he did still like Star Wars.

But if he watched it a decade ago, how much could it have changed since then? Is this guy actually a 16 year old?

Despite the upgrades to the movie whiny nerds like to rage over, the core of Star Wars hasn’t changed. The reason why Star Wars became the phenomenon that it did is because it’s a timeless heroes’ journey. It plays just as strongly to a six year old as it does a sixty year old.

Questioning if Star Wars still holds up is just stupid. Anyone who thinks such a question is worthy of deep study needs to stop putting those thoughts online.