Nolan Continues His Bat-Trolling


By now you’ve probably seen the full-on shots of Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises. Just like the one above. You know why I picked that one for this article? Because it looks like Batman is laughing. Not just laughing at the Catwoman costume, but laughing at the epic trolling job Christopher Nolan is doing against Batman fans.

Nolan earned fan’s trust with Batman Begins. It was a really well put together version of Year One. It’s still, even after The Dark Knight, the best Batman movie ever made. It’s paced so much better than The Dark Knight. I can watch, and enjoy, Batman Begins today so much so than The Dark Knight. The second movie suffers a bit in the middle, and by the time Two Face shows up it begins to feel a little too much like Spider-Man 3 where a popular villain is completely wasted.

But thanks to The Joker in the second movie, Nolan earned even more geek cred. He’s got so much stored up that he could put out a third Batman movie with so many bat-suit nipples and codpiece shots that Joel Schumacher would get a turned on, yet fans would lap it up because of their belief that “Nolan can do no wrong.”

First we got a Bane mask that looks like it was a reject for The Shredder in one of the live-action TMNT movies. Then came the first Catwoman image, and fans with a brain thought it looked stupid while the Nolan cult soiled themselves. Now we get a full look at the real Catwoman costume, with goggles that become the ears, and it looks more like the 60s TV series costume than Catwoman.

If Nolan really wanted to do a realistic take on Catwoman, they could have taken a look at what Rocksteady was doing with Arkham City. Catwoman in the game wears what’s basically a leather jumpsuit while still having a cat-inspired cap complete with the Tim Sale-inspired goggles:

But no. Instead of having some sense and doing something that the fans would love, Nolan continues to troll.

Well, at least The Avengers is looking awesome.