Jurassic Park UK Re-Release Trailer


I remember June 11th 1993 very well. That was the day Jurassic Park was released. I was 14 at the time, and the combination of Spielberg directing an adaptation of my favorite book had me obsessed over the movie. As it was before the advent of movie trailers on the internet, I had a VHS recorded copy of one of the trailers that I would watch over and over until the movie came out. And when it did, I saw it twelve times in theaters.

Those lucky people in the UK get to experience the floor-shaking sound all over again, as Universal is re-releasing the movie in theaters over there to promote the upcoming Blu-Ray release. And now they’ve cut a pretty cool trailer to announce it. Hey Universal, you eventually gave Back to the Future a US re-release; where’s our Jurassic Park?