Ghostbusters Theatrical Dates Announced


Last week we found out how they were planning to re-release Ghostbusters in theaters this October, and today the official details have arrived. The movie will be re-released on 500 screens Thursday October 13th with one showtime that day and will be presented with a 2K digital picture and 5.1 sound. If you miss the movie that day, it’ll be released each Thursday in October. Same deal each day, one showtime in 2K digital and 5.1 audio.

So this will be similar to the recent Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future, and Top Gun re-releases. At least with Ghostbusters, fans have three chances to catch it on the big screen. As usual, you’ll have to check your local theater listings to find out where it’s showing, however these one-night-only events usually are put in either Regal or AMC theaters.