The Old Republic Release Date To Be Announced in October


Today EA attended a Goldman Sachs Conference and dropped more details about when they will announce the release date for The Old Republic. EA’s CFO Eric Brown said that they expect to announce a release date by the end of October, which will usually means they plan on releasing it within three weeks of the date announcement. If they announce the date at the end of October, that means the game may be released on November 22nd, which would be the seventh anniversary of World of Warcraft’s release.

Brown did continue to say that they may delay the game into their March quarter next year. Who knows what factors they’re really looking at when deciding whether or not to delay it. If they’re trying to avoid running into a Blizzard release, they’ll have a big WoW patch at the end of November, a possible Diablo 3 release after that, and then a new expansion in March. What happened to WAR may be scaring EA with TOR, but can you really blame them?