New Old Republic Q&A Reveals Post-Launch Features


As part of this week’s Old Republic Friday update, BioWare has posted a new Community Q&A that reveals some good things on the way for the game.

First off, a Dual-Spec system will be coming some time after launch:

Q: Since it has been clearly stated that there will not be dual specs for characters in the game, can you explain your philosophy behind the skill trees and how you are taking into account players that want to be able to play PvP and PvE content on the same character? – illumineart

A: Dual Speccing is something we want to add soon after launch. Also, features like Guard, PvP Taunt, Resolve, etc. work to narrow the gap between PvP and PvE specialized skills (i.e. a +Block skill would be helpful in both PvE and PvP).

This will come as a relief to players who didn’t want to be stuck with a single talent build as it was back in vanilla WoW. Players like to have the flexibility to switch between one spec for PVE and another for PVP, or one for leveling and another for group encounters. Hopefully it doesn’t come too long after launch.

Next up, they won’t be doing cross-server PVP queues:

Q: Are waiting queues cross-server and, if so, also cross-language? – Kisskill

A: No. We believe that fostering rivalries and memorable encounters with recognizable players are important in building a good PvP community on a server. We suspect cross-server queuing compromises these key tenets. Additionally, systems like bolster and same faction vs same faction Warzones (like Hutball) help matches pop frequently and regularly.

That being said we will be keeping a close eye on the communities and re-examine the system as necessary.

Another good thing. Cross-server queues really do kill the community on a server.

For more of the Q&A hit this link. There is also a hint in there of something similar to a player bounty system, so things are looking up for TOR.