The E.T. Blu-Ray Will Only Include the 1982 Original


Earlier tonight in Los Angeles, the LA Times Hero Complex hosted a 30th Anniversary screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark with both Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford in attendance for a Q&A after the movie. We were there and will have a full report on everything that went down for you a little later this morning, but one very big piece of news dropped from Spielberg.

The moderator asked him about revising films, as the new Star Wars changes have geeks up in arms. After defending Lucas for altering his own movies, Spielberg discussed the one time he did it with E.T. He went into detail about how he felt about what he did after the fact and how he told Universal that they must include both versions of the movie in the same package on DVD or they wouldn’t be releasing the DVD. Following that, he mentioned that they would be doing an E.T. Blu-Ray and asked the audience a question:

“If I came out with just one E.T. on Blu-Ray, 1982, would anybody object to that?”

Everyone yells “NO!”

“Ok, then so be it.”

I guess that seals it. The E.T. Blu-Ray will not include the 2002 Special Edition with the CG alteration and censorship and instead will only be the 1982 original.