Despite Threats of Boycotts, Star Wars Blu-Rays are a Best Seller


If you’ve been paying attention to the Internet over the last month, fanboys everywhere have been fuming in epic bouts of nerd rage over the changes being made on the Star Wars Blu-rays. The most popular form of displaying their anger seems to be cancelling their Amazon pre-order for the set, putting an offensive reason in the box, and posting a screenshot on a forum to get some laughs and make them sell a bit less pathetic.

These Internet heroes believe that by not buying Star Wars on Blu-Ray they will be sending a message to George Lucas to not change the movies anymore. Well, based on reality their message is going to be drowned out in the sound of money raining on Skywalker Ranch from the millions of copies that are being sold. A quick check at a couple sources shows that despite all these threats of “speaking with your dollar”, the Star Wars Blu-Ray set is still the #1 selling Blu-Ray online.

Here’s Amazon:

And here’s, which tracks the most popular Blu-Ray deals:

Yup, it looks like the heroic boycott of the Internet Rebel Alliance fighting the George Lucas Empire isn’t really going to do much. But hey, at least it makes them feel special in their own little world.