ILM Legend is OK With Lucas Changing Star Wars


With all of the raging nerd rage the last couple weeks over further changes to the Star Wars films, you’d think the people who did the original effects would join in. Apparently, that won’t be the case. John Dykstra, who won an Oscar for his special effects work on Star Wars, told MovieWeb that he’s fine with Lucas altering the movies and he should keep doing it until he’s happy with them:

“God love him! He should tweak it until his heart’s content. You never finish a movie. It is always pried from your grasping hands. There is always something you can fix. Does it always make it better? Mmm…That is questionable. I think executing something, you make decisions as you execute, in terms of priority. Sometimes those priorities are formed by more than just whether or not it was a good technical execution.”

It’s doubtful that anything he, or anyone else, says will stop the nerd rage on the internet. But it’s cool to see that even one of the founders of ILM is fine with what Lucas is doing.