Batgirl #1 Review


No comic out of the New 52 has more controversy and nerd rage associated with it than Batgirl. Barbara Gordon, paralyzed by The Joker in The Killing Joke and taking on the mantle of Oracle in the Bat books suddenly able to walk again and is once again Batgirl? The rage over this change since it was announced nearly drowned out any of the good news about the DC comics relaunch. Thankfully, DC was smart and got Gail Simone to write this latest chapter in Barbara Gordon’s life; as there really is no other comic writer who could have done it.

So, how is the newly-walking Barbara Gordon’s first outing as Batgirl in decades? Pretty great actually. As promised, The Killing Joke is not ignored, and that ghost of Barbara’s past plays a really big part in the story. How she is able to walk again isn’t really explained, other than it being a miracle, but fans should at least be happy that Alan Moore’s greatest Joker story ever is still part of the canon.

The first issue brings in a new villain, Mirror, and it’s a great re-introduction to the Barbara Batgirl. She’s out there enjoying being Batgirl once again, while at the same time still haunted and traumatized by what The Joker did to her. And that does play a really big part in the story and cliffhanger leading into issue two.

Batgirl #1 definitely doesn’t disappoint, and it may even help soothe some of the anger over the change to the character. As with most New 52 comics, Batgirl is already sold out on the distributor’s level. So if you want a physical copy, you’ll need to run down to your local comic shop as soon as possible to grab one.