Even the Prequel Blu-Rays Are Altered


By now everyone knows that Lucas has altered the Blu-Ray of Episode I to replace the horrible Yoda puppet with a CG model. But apparently those aren’t the only changes. There are apparently a few other tweaks to the first prequel people are starting to notice. While they aren’t as extensive as the changes to the Original Trilogy, they’re definitely changes and in some parts they look to be an improvement. Again these images are coming from the MillenniumFalcon.com forum.

Firstly, the Jedi speed effect has been changed. Previously, the effect just made Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon semi-transparent as they ran away from the droids. Now there’s a blur effect added:

Next, the Neimoidian view screen has been changed:

There may be more changes in the other two prequels, but they haven’t been discovered yet.