Dragon Quest X is an Online RPG for Wii and WiiU


Overnight, Square Enix officially revealed Dragon Quest X for the Wii and WiiU. The game is due next year for the Wii (the WiiU version is TBD) and will be an online RPG. Square used the MMO term, but it’s not yet known if the game is going to be a true MMO or a console-style MMO like Phantasy Star Online or Monster Hunter Tri. There is a mention of a service fee, however it could end up being only for Japan, as when Monster Hunter Tri came to the US, there was no fee.

The game will be the first Dragon Quest developed internally at Square Enix, and there was no mention of Level 5’s involvement; although the game does use a similar graphic style to Dragon Quest VIII. The WiiU version will also feature improved graphics and both will interact with the 3DS.

While it would be crazy to think that Nintendo of America wouldn’t allow the game in the US, as it’s a huge franchise, with NOA’s recent refusal to release three excellent RPGs that are already translated into English; one never knows. Hopefully we’ll be playing it in English next Christmas.