More Star Wars Blu-Ray Changes


Yesterday we showed you the possible addition of “NOOOO” to Vader’s unforgivable, and criminal, murder of the great Emperor Palpatine. Overnight more leaks from the upcoming Blu-Rays have come out, and all are sourced to a leak from a Chinese version of the discs. There’s stuff from mostly A New Hope and Return of the Jedi here as so far there doesn’t sound to be more changes to Empire aside from the Wampa arm, although that can change as people go over the leak in detail.

The first is what is claimed to be a change to the Krayt Dragon call from A New Hope, and it sounds a lot more like the varactyl that Obi-Wan rode in Revenge of the Sith. This one, like the Vader one, isn’t confirmed real yet as they were sourced from a .mp3 file and not the actual Blu-Ray rips:

In Return of the Jedi, when Han is thawed out, they added a glow around his hand. In the previous versions, his entire body was glowing except for the closeup of his hand:

And here are the new blinking eyes on Wicket. This is one of the best changes, as the eyes no longer look fake and you can no longer see the actors behind them:

Finally (for now) here’s a clip of a Dug in Jabba’s Palace and the new pan up to the Palace door. The Dug is NOT Sebulba, but just as haters label every Gungan they see as Jar Jar; they’re calling him Sebulba and using that to fuel their nerd rage: