Marvel Artist Flips Out & Quits


Marko Djurdjevic, the Marvel artist with the name you’ll never pronounce, is apparently no longer a Marvel artist. At this weekend’s Fan Expo in Canada, Djurdjevic flipped out at a Marvel “Team Spirit” panel and apparently quit the company after going off on them. Comic Book Resources was liveblogging the panel, and caught all of the madness:

Around this time, Djurdjevic received a cord for his MacBook, cut Hickman off and began to share variations on his Spider-Man redesign. Coming from a video game background, Djurdjevic said he usually bills hourly. “Not in comics.” Hickman said.

“Exactly — and you keep on doing it and doing it,” Djurdjevic replied. “I was fighting with the guys at Marvel about this. You can’t make people re-work your shit because you can’t decide what you want. Either pay or leave.”

Tension in the room mounted as Djurdjevic illustrated the problems between himself and Marvel editors, sharing with the audience numerous mock-ups of Lady Bullseye’s redesigned costume, citing it as an example of his problems with Marvel art direction.

“I did a couple color sketches, and it just went into revision mode for the face paint forever and ever,” he said, forever being about two weeks. “I think I made so many face variations for that character until they finally decided, ‘Oh yeah, that’s the one that people are going to recognize forever,'” Djurjevic recounted, mocking his editors in a high-pitched voice, yet again.

Towards the end of the panel, he said he was done with Marvel:

When asked by Hickman if he would accept any further assignments from Marvel, Djurdjevic responded, “Right now, I’m just over it. I just really need a break.”

You can read the whole liveblog over at Comic Book Resources.

Djurdjevic is probably best known for his sprawling, multi-part, covers that he’s done for many Marvel books such as The Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men.

Following the diatribe at the con, Marvel writer Mark Waid tweeted:

Dear #MarkoDjurdjevic : you will not be missed.