New Old Republic Details From Gamescom


A German Old Republic fansite called TheForce.Eu was at Gamescom, spoke to Gabe Amatangelo of BioWare, and got a whole bunch of cool information about the game that wasn’t known about yet.

Firstly, the game will have daily quests in the form of Missions that will be themed to what is going on in the story. An example was on Ilum, which is the planet where the Lightsabers come from and how the story set there is the Republic and Sith are in conflict over the planet. They also hinted that there are other PVP things going on there, so this could be the rumored “PVP planet”.

Those who liked the Dungeon Finder in WoW will be disappointed as there is no auto-grouping system in The Old Republic. You can flag yourself for LFG, but there’s no way to tell someone what your group role is by doing so. Everything will be done via the chat channels, like WoW used to do.

Hard mode in instances is a switch. It doesn’t work like Lich King where you would trigger it in the dungeon via actions. It sounds to work a lot like the Heroic switch in WoW.

They discuss crafting a little bit, and some of the best items for a specific slot may come from crafting. You’ll still need to raid and do flashpoints to get all of the best items for you class, but crafting will serve a purpose to provide some good items for your character.

You can check out the full interview below: