\’DCnU\’ Superman Costume Confirmed For The Man of Steel


Back when the first picture of Henry Cavill as Superman was released, people noticed that he crotch area was purposely in shadow. Those who have been following the DC Comics relaunch, believed that he wouldn’t have the red trunks. This is partially due to the completely stupid lawsuit going on over the rights to Superman, as well as the fact that the movie will be released nearly two years after the relaunch; at which time the costume without the trunks will be the standard Superman suit.

This week, new set photos from the currently-filming The Man of Steel surfaced and they confirmed that the new “DCnU” Superman costume is indeed being used in Zack Snyder’s movie. As a result, fanboys on the internet not well versed in the current happenings of the comic industry jumped up on their soapbox and went ballistic over the lack of the red briefs on the costume. There are really two reasons why it has been changed for the movie:

1. Warner Brothers and DC Comics is currently undergoing a long and nasty legal battle brought on by a billionaire who is trying to steal the rights for Superman for himself by going through the heirs of Superman’s creators. The most recent judgement in the case basically split Superman in two with the heirs being to certain elements from Action Comics #1. Part of those elements include aspects of the costume, which is one of the reasons why the new Superman suit in the comics lacks the red briefs.

2. DC is doing a massive relaunch of all of their titles this September, and Superman is a big part of it. They are marketing the hell out of the new books, and when 2013 rolls around the redesigned Superman costume will have been the standard suit for about two years.

Basically, people on the internet are overreacting like they always do. Add in being uninformed, and it makes the whole thing even worse and those people look even dumber than they already are.