Yoda\’s CGI Makeover In The Star Wars Blu-Ray Release For The Phantom Menace


We know by now ol’ George Lucas likes to tool around with his special effects, now see what he has done to Yoda in the Blu-Ray anthology release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Notoriously swapping out his faithful puppets for CGI revamped versions of the aliens from the original Star Wars trilogy, most figured he would swap out everything and anything that he can in order to release it as “new”.  But interestingly enough, this Star Wars Blu-Ray release is stuffed with new features and deleted scenes that have yet to be seen one any other form of the series previous releases (which admittedly is rather impressive on its own).  But don’t thin those lovable little stringed buddies are out of the clear.

Lucas Arts has released a video showing off the new CGI Yoda that will be replacing the famous puppet in the Phantom Menace re-release.  Thankfully it has been noted that Episode I will be the only episode trading out its puppet for some swanky special effects.

Here is the clip from the original release, showing off Yoda with all his classic Muppet-esque glory.

The most anticipated Blu-ray release ever, the Star Wars Saga, hits shelves on September 16, 2011!