Jim Lee\’s X-Men #1 Re-Releasing For Its 20th Anniversary


Twenty years ago when I was just a teenager, the Jim Lee/Chris Claremont launch of X-Men #1 was by far the biggest comic event of 1991. The issue released with multiple covers, and the most famous is obviously the gatefold version that Jim Lee did with the entire team fighting Magneto. Even two decades after its release, the duo’s run on the X-Men is still considered a classic and a fan favorite by X-Men readers.

Now for its 20th Anniversary, Marvel is re-releasing X-Men #1 in October. Not a simple reprint, the entire comic is being re-colored to look more like a modern issue. That means that instead of being on a white page as the comic was twenty years ago, the panels will be on black and the computer coloring naturally gives it an updated look.

You can check out the cover above, and Marvel has released three samples of the internal art: