Riddick Begins Casting!


The new R-rated Riddick movie is moving into production as casting is now underway. Moviehole got their hands on the casting information, and more importantly they have details of the movie’s plot from the script. They say the script may just be perfect, and coming from David Twohy (who has a solid history of great scifi stories); that’s saying something.

Riddick is said to be a direct sequel to Pitch Black with Chronicles only referenced in the beginning. There will be an appearance from Karl Urban’s Vaako early in the movie when he drops off Lord Marshall Riddick at the ruins of the planet Furya, but other than that it’s truer to the setting and tone of Pitch Black than the more epic Chronicles. There are also some direct references to characters from the original movie as well.

For the full plot rundown (beware of SPOILERS) check out Moviehole.