A New Doctor Who Poster & and A New Rumor About the Ponds


Entertainment Weekly has revealed the new poster for the second half of Doctor Who Series 6, which begins later this month on BBC America. As you’d expect the poster features the Doctor and the entire Pond family, and it’s just a cruel teaser that makes the wait until the end of the month even harder.

Speaking of the Ponds and something cruel, the Daily Star in the UK (which is basically a tabloid) is spreading a rumor that both of the Ponds will be leaving the Doctor at the end of the season:

The writers have decided to “rest” the couple [Amy and Rory], who are hugely popular with fans, for the time being.
However, they won’t be killed off. Amy and Rory will announce they want to head back home and settle down.

One plan is to have them appear as “stay-at-home” assistants for The Doc, helping him out from Earth from time to time.

A source said: “There are going to be a lot of tears in the finale. The Doc will set off in the Tardis for his next adventure on his own.

“Amy and Rory will be reunited with their baby Melody Pond and they make a decision to stay on Earth to settle down as a family.

“But TV bosses are well aware the couple have been popular so this won’t be the last you see of them.”

Karen Gillan confirmed at the San Diego Comic Con last month that she would be returning for Series 7, so who knows how true the tabloid’s rumor is.